January 1, 2011

Deaths under the age of 18......

Deaths under the age of 18......

Calculations for age are complicated by leap years. Therefore, I have determined the ages of these service personnel by calculating the number of days lived. There may be slop over at the edges of these time periods but I have tried to approximate age and give the exact number of days lived.

The following 14 names appear on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall as having lived 5,959 to 6,573 days or less than 18 years

Days Lived 5,959 Paul J Raber born on 04/21/1954 died on 08/14/1970
Days Lived 5,971 Stanley Neal Kroboth born on 08/16/1946 died on 12/21/1962
Days Lived 6,468 James Calvin Ward born on 01/26/1948 died on 10/11/1965
Days Lived 6,479 Patrick Eugene Sinclair born on 12/11/1950 died on 09/06/1968
Days Lived 6,501 Terry Tim Wright born on 12/23/1947 died on 10/10/1965
Days Lived 6,523 Anthony Eugene Pendola born on 12/28/1947 died on 11/06/1965
Days Lived 6,529 Greg Eugene Hart born on 12/10/1948 died on 10/26/1966
Days Lived 6,530 Carl Stephen Daniels born on 12/19/1947 died on 11/04/1965
Days Lived 6,534 Harold Goldman born on 12/19/1947 died on 11/08/1965
Days Lived 6,541 Robert Moreno born on 12/21/1947 died on 11/17/1965
Days Lived 6,564 Alan Lynn Barnett born on 11/15/1947 died on 11/04/1965
Days Lived 6,568 Lugene Jackie Clark born on 10/04/1947 died on 09/27/1965
Days Lived 6,572 Wayne Bibbs born on 06/14/1954 died on 06/11/1972
Days Lived 6,573 Robert Warren Allen born on 10/05/1947 died on 10/03/1965

The names posted on this blog are from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall as extracted from a now defunct website. This information is a matter of public record. Any errors in the extraction are mine and I apologize in advance for them. Any errors in the official public record are controlled by the branches of the military involved and I have no control on making corrections except to note same on my postings.

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