January 1, 2011

Happenings at Namnesia Antidote

Happenings at Namnesia Antidote

15 May 2008
This post will be of the "bloggy" type. I will try to let users of the blog know what is happening and what to expect in the near future. Updates will be made to this post to keep everyone current.

Namnesia Antidote's Core Posts of Causality and Birth Dates are complete. These may be accessed via the Core Posts linking calendar. These consist of 367 posts, one for each day of the calendar plus an extra for those whose birthdates where unknown.

24 August 2008
Work is complete on the Age at Death posts. It is fully indexed and I might try color-coding the degree (average number per month lived) of causalities next.

Namnesia Antidote has had about 4,000 visitors to date. My thanks to those who have helped spread the word, especially my friends Helen and Harry at Unknown News.

21 January 2009
I have begun work on re-sequencing postings so they appear in their proper order in the archive listing. This may take as long as a month. The original website that I extracted the data from has gone dark and I am updating the posts to remove reference to the now defunct website.

9 February 2009
Re-sequencing and reference removal complete.

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