January 1, 2011

Errata Posting

Errata Posting

This post contains information that visitors have found in error. It also lists which posts were amended and how as a result of said information.

Errata Number 1

Message and response:

Date 2008-07-26 19:02:03
Message Paul Krzynowek's home should be listed as Housatonic, Massachusetts. I believe that it is incorrectly listed as Maine.

Yes, the hometown was listed as Housatonic, ME but you appear correct with research showing that the only Housatonic is in Massachusetts. Official records remain incorrect but this correction is shown on the blog on the November 1 and December 6 posts.

Errata Number 2

Comment and Answer from February 5 Post:

Anonymous said...
The Army lists PFC Roy Louis Ryse's birthday as Feb 5, 1944. However, the correct date is Feb. 7, 1944.

Thank you for remembering him. He was the first boy from our town/school (Hawthorne, CA) to die in Viet Nam.

August 24, 2008 7:48 PM

A Proud Liberal said...
I have noted this comment, showing official birth date and corrected birth date in four posts on this blog:

1. February 5 post (Official birth date listing.)
2. February 7 post (Corrected birth date listing.)
3. November 17 post (Date of death listing.)
4. Age at Death 21 Years in 10th month (Showing life official lifespan of 7956 days and corrected lifespan of 7954 days.)

Since this comment was from an Anonymous source and I have no way of independently verifying the new information, I list both birth dates with notations. Additionally I have placed the original comment and my answer on the other three posts.

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