January 1, 2011

Deaths at the age of 55 to 62 Years......

Deaths at the age of 55 to 62 Years......

Calculations for age are complicated by leap years. Therefore, I have determined the ages of these service personnel by calculating the number of days lived. There may be slop over at the edges of these time periods but I have tried to approximate age and give the exact number of days lived.

The following 25 names appear on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall as having lived 20,090 to 22,738 days or 55 to 62 years old

Days Lived 20,090 Norman Morgan Green born on 07/16/1923 died on 07/17/1978
Days Lived 20,120 James Leonard Eplin born on 10/13/1913 died on 11/13/1968
Days Lived 20,139 Leslie John Hauer born on 01/30/1924 died on 03/21/1979
Days Lived 20,340 Dean Andrew Pogreba born on 03/16/1922 died on 11/22/1977
Days Lived 20,445 Lester Evan Holmes born on 07/24/1919 died on 07/15/1975
Days Lived 20,451 William Henderson Mason born on 10/12/1924 died on 10/09/1980
Days Lived 20,517 Charles Edward Deitsch born on 05/08/1922 died on 07/10/1978
Days Lived 20,543 William Kevin Colwell born on 06/01/1921 died on 08/29/1977
Days Lived 20,633 Harding Eugene Smith Sr born on 03/11/1918 died on 09/06/1974
Days Lived 20,642 Bruno Arthur Hochmuth born on 05/10/1911 died on 11/14/1967
Days Lived 20,656 Harold Kahler born on 01/27/1923 died on 08/17/1979
Days Lived 20,663 Joseph Christiano born on 04/11/1922 died on 11/06/1978
Days Lived 20,697 Salvatore Anthony Geluso born on 11/07/1912 died on 07/08/1969
Days Lived 20,717 Charles Albon Hinckley born on 07/06/1911 died on 03/25/1968
Days Lived 20,889 Robert Warren Hagerman born on 08/28/1922 died on 11/06/1979
Days Lived 20,909 Everard Aaron Davis born on 10/15/1910 died on 01/13/1968
Days Lived 20,965 William Earl Cooper born on 09/16/1920 died on 02/09/1978
Days Lived 21,022 John Francis Dingwall born on 02/28/1921 died on 09/19/1978
Days Lived 21,036 Robert Richard Hilliard born on 04/14/1911 died on 11/16/1968
Days Lived 21,100 Patrick Martin Fallon born on 11/12/1921 died on 08/20/1979
Days Lived 21,207 Galileo Fred Bossio born on 03/12/1920 died on 04/04/1978
Days Lived 22,232 Woodrow Hoover Wilburn born on 06/16/1917 died on 04/29/1978
Days Lived 22,449 Peter Joseph Stewart born on 08/12/1918 died on 01/28/1980
Days Lived 22,475 Brunson A Derrick Sr born on 08/27/1909 died on 03/10/1971
Days Lived 22,728 Kenna Clyde Taylor born on 06/30/1908 died on 09/21/1970

The names posted on this blog are from the Vietnam War Memorial Wall as extracted from a now defunct website. This information is a matter of public record. Any errors in the extraction are mine and I apologize in advance for them. Any errors in the official public record are controlled by the branches of the military involved and I have no control on making corrections except to note same on my postings.

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